More About Me


As a specialist in sales and good old-fashioned communication, Taylor Curler knows what it takes to succeed in business, and the real estate field as well. For years Taylor helped to develop local businesses where she refined her skills in the fundamentals one needs to succeed in today’s competitive market. “Customer service is the most important aspect of any business. You have to know what the client wants and to do so, you have to get to know them first.” Taylor combines her personal approach with a very professional style that are both well accepted and appreciated by her clients throughout the North Shore. She has a very creative side that makes the process of finding the right home or desire to sell a fun and fortuitous experience for all. Taylor's also a big fan of the High Sierra which comes as a true bonus for those who seek a local’s insight into the endless benefits that come with investing in real estate. With a great love of life, she treasures any opportunity to help others enjoy the great outdoors in which she spends with her family and furry sidekicks season-round. With a hard work ethic and soft approach, Taylor Curler can be contacted through Chase International’s Incline Village, Nevada, office.